Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Worker Bee original poem.

Beautiful Image
The hot wind riding through the air

Beautiful Image
Thin breezes passing every car
Brightness shining down like a shiny warm blanket
Cold in the morning
Steaming in a heatwave

Beautiful Image
Russling in the wind
Crushing of the leaves like the whispering of secrets

Beautiful Image
Indiscribable things
Being concerned of this place
Many amazing colors
And impending destruction near.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life the way it should be. Living, loving and learning. These are some of the things I learned last summer on Everett's Pond. I learned why you should buy oars with long handles. I also learned that you should turn the boat over if it is going to rain a lot. I also learned that the pond is only about 15-20 ft. deep. Rowing takes coordination and is hard work. But the effort is worth it, since once out in the middle of the pond, you can think, ponder, or just look at the clouds in the sky. Meditating in the middle of a pond on a summer's day is life the way it should be.
Mrs. Wohlhieter