Monday, July 30, 2012

Love Letter
At night I worry if I cannot hear you breathe,
In the morning I'm annoyed with your growling.
Sometimes it drives me crazy when you can't sit still
You're always moving, running, fixing.
Can't you see that I need fixing?

How often does my name fall from your lips?
Does my shadow cross your soul?
You are a constant in my mind,
The one thing that I can cling to when I fall.
I breathe you in, you are life, love, all.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Teacher's Confession

Parent complaints cut me to the quick,
Making me cringe and hang my head in shame.
A throwback to my younger years as a child
Assaulted by torrents of angry words
Because I didn't measure up to some unknown standard.

The shame grows inside devouring my soul,
Leaving me feeling hollow and unworthy to teach.
Making me afraid that angry words will
Spill out of this shame and
Smother the fragile egos offering their trust.

I fight this shame with positive affirmations;
Build a solid wall to imprison the inadequacies,
Fortify against a new assault.
Yet the cycle is not yet broken,
And I enter the room wounded and worn out from the struggle within.
Newspaper Inspiration

Drop us a line,
The paper said.
It's so easy to do
These days. Words
Fly through the ether
Faster than light if
You're in a hot spot.
Words that quicken
The heart with
No voice to give them life.
Briefly seen on a
Small screen or garbled
Sounds passing by.
Your opinion matters,
If only for a moment.
Clouds in Maine

A bowl of blue crowded with lumps of white
Rough edges blending together
Blocking the noonday sun.
Clear liquid notes of birdsong
Pierce the quiet sky,
Soft mournful cooing falls from the trees.
Dancing with unseen winds,
The clouds embrace then part
In vast doe-si-does.
Clouds blanching the surface of the dark water,
A poor reflection of the sky's grandeur.
Greyness grows until it release tear drops
That ripple the surface with sorrow.
Original poetry by Queen Bee


the spaces between
where words hide
unwritten waiting for the thought
that will bring them into the world

words seeking the proper moment
to inspire
to flatter
to defeat
to maim
to be alive
for just a moment
or forever

words dangling by golden threads
drifting in wide open spaces
to seed fertile minds.