Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday June 26 Quick Write

As I walked by my bedroom window, a small movement caught my eye.  It was a small spider that had captured a bee in its web. She nimbly moved around the bee spinning unseen threads, wrapping the bee, and anchoring her web. She would quickly spin with her back legs, carefully placing the strands, and she would cut the strands moving the bee closer to where she would store it.  She danced around the bee in a strange dance, tugging, turning, and moving the bee. While I watched, the spider managed to tuck the bee into the corner of the sash, out of the wind.   She worked quickly as if time was important to her.  Such a small animal with such strength. I will continue to watch the spider during the weeks that I stay here; a small companion outside my bedroom window to keep me company.

Follow up: The bee carcass is completely gone as is the spider.  I wonder where it went and why it left.  The last rainstorm washed out what remained of the web.  Everything changes

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