Thursday, June 27, 2013

Today I learned that it is not wise to wash dishes when you are wearing a poncho.  I've also learned that I waste a lot of food mainly in left-over bites.  One person can make a lot of trash in a few weeks.  Everything is bagged, wrapped or surrounded with cardboard.  It all adds up to 2 bags full.  I've also learned that my quiet place on the hill is not so quiet anymore.  Across the street, they pile up dirt, move it around, and constantly back up with their beeping machines.  It can become annoying if you stop and listen to it.  The beeping joins in with the humming of the old refrigerator and the spin cycle of the washing machine.  A virtual symphony of sounds.  I personally prefer the harsh caws of the crows and the bluejays.  I have also learned that keeping a garden for just 7 or 8 weeks a year is a battle against weeds and the weeds are winning.  The peonies have blossomed and they are gorgeous. Makes the fighting the weeds worth it, but really, am I that crazy to think that a part time garden is a good thing.  The trouble is that when I look at the garden, I see a manicured english cottage garden without the weeds: I don't dwell in reality here.  I keep thinking someday!!  I should get a tattoo that says SOMEDAY on my left wrist because that's what I always think when I think I should do something that is good for me and it takes effort,   Except for writing.

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