Monday, June 24, 2013

Writer's Notebook

Today is the first day of TeachersWrite! and we are writing about Writer's Notebooks.  This is something that I have kept for about 6 years.  I started journaling when my first grandson was stillborn. I didn't know how to grieve for this life that I had never seen, touched or felt.  It was just an abstract concept that hurt so deep in my soul.  I knew my son and his wife were hurting  and I didn't want to add to that sorrow so I started writing about it.  Just putting down my feelings.  Soon I was drawing and finding comforting poems to add to the pages.  As I wrote, I found affection for George Everett and could honor him with thoughts.  I kept on writing and took this habit into my  classroom and taught the students how to keep a "DayBook".   That's what I like to call it- a Day Book.   I have begun keeping a zentangle notebook, an inchie notebook and a daily diary in which I write down the Daily Rock from Patti Digh and the Daily Be from Facebook.  I live in my head, so writing is something I must do to unravel the tangle of thoughts.  I really hope that someday I can write something that will live on.  I believe that that's how we live forever: through our written words.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing about different ways people use notebooks. I'd love to see pictures of your zentangles!